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Velox Rolling Papers - Tweedle Farms x OYG

Velox Rolling Papers - Tweedle Farms x OYG

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Celebration of Tweedle Farm's first-ever batch of indoor-grown Velox, with some custom rolling papers care of a first-ever collab between OrangeYouGlad and Tweedle Farms

We love this strain of Velox. and designed this functional rolling paper pack in honor of this wonderful cultivar. Printed with a big and bold Velox custom font, as well as iconography referencing the strain's lineage (Lightning and Cherry) as well as it's effect (see: the electrified kitty!), this rolling paper pack is sure to bring a smile to every session.

King Size rolling papers are made with unbleached hemp. Each package features an accompanying pack of unbleached crutches. 32 papers per pack.

p.s. If you are interested in buying the Velox flower to put into these rolling papers - pop over to Tweedle Farms for more information. 

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