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Suncatcher Stickers

Suncatcher Stickers

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Our suncatchers are a delightful way to capture a rainbow in any room in your home. These beautiful and quirky and translucent design will cling to any window and capture and refract light for you. Ethically sourced rainbows, designed by the team at Extra Pulp.

The suncatchers are each about 3x5" in size. 

☀️ How to Apply Your Suncatcher Sticker ☀️

1. Find the right spot! A window that gets direct sunlight is perfect.
2. Clean the glass or window surface.
3. Wet the surface with a spray bottle or wet paper towel.
4. Place your sticker's adhesive side on the wet surface. Once you have it in place, use a squeegee (or a business card) to squeeze out excess water and any air bubbles.
5. Dry the surface and enjoy the rainbows! 🌈

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